Wade, Pendleton, SC
I would recommend this class to everyone interested in casting or reloading. Total hands-on experience.
Bill A., Mauldin, SC
The class is very informative and all hands-on training; Mark is very knowledgable and professional; I enjoyed working with him.
Jason M, Greer, SC
It is a great class that covers everything from getting started to shooting the first bullet made with a personal touch of fitting the class to what I needed to know the most. The class allowed me to see hands on that making my own ammo is doable and satisfying to know that I can make my own now. The class has left me anxious to start making my own ammo and feeling like I can. You (Mark is)are a great teacher that takes time to help understand the process. Thank You.
Raymond H (and wife), Greenville, SC
Dear Mark, Thank you so much for your class on reloading. The information was invaluable and your presentation was easy to understand without condescension. You answered all our question with great patience. We have already successfully started reloading. Thank you again.
Butch S, Seneca, SC
Very informative, all hands-on, Mark is very knowledgable.
Miranda V, Greenville, SC
Very informative, Mark went over saftey precautions which is most important part. Very interesting steps and going from block of lead to making a bullet; thorough training going from steps a to z, practical knowledge when observing where this country is going. Good knowledge to have so you can make your own ammo. In general a very interesting and worth while class.
John P., Greenville, SC
The pace was not rushed. Lots of examples that were very concise. Mark not only explained how but why.
The bullet casting was totally new to me, so I started at ground zero. Mark was very thorough, highly knowledgeable about the subject and made it interesting while at the same time presented safety issues. The reloading portion was eqally complete and I finished with all my questions answered.
Wayne E., Easley, SC
Mark was very helpful. As a beginner never reloading before I feel like I can go home and reload right away. Lots of good info.